Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Dangerously high levels of awesomeness

Our lives are coming along extremely well this time around. Just this week, we have been able to find an excellent cleaning lady and babysitter. Fortunately, this means that Mary Ann will be able to have more opportunities to participate on social engagements than before. This is very well timed as we have a social gathering with some work friends this Thursday night. Everything is just snapping along! Hopefully, the car will be ready in another week or so.

Tonight, I will be experimenting with a new internet connectivity system which should make it possible for us to get a better connection shared among all the computers at the house. Things are going quite well indeed.


  1. Yeah!! Scott and I are so happy for you guys!!! =) Tell Mary Ann Hi!! ;)

  2. We're glad that things are going so well!