Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Spot Man

In preparations for my coming relocation, we are getting the house ready to rent. This has included an interior paint job, some supplements to the phone wiring, and dealing with a certain carpet problem. Our upstairs carpet has always had discoloration on it, and our best attempts with a rug doctor did not produce the results we were hoping for. With getting renters in, we would either need to replace the carpet or have a cleaning miracle (or dye it black).

Here is the before shot:

Not a pretty sight at all. We needed fast turn around, since I am leaving on Saturday. Fortunately for us, a local company called The Spot Man did a wonderful job for us. They were very flexible in scheduling and quoted us a price that was within one standard deviation of the average, which counts as a good deal to me.

Before they started, they did a quick spot test to see if there was a hopeful chance of success. It looked promising, so they went to it. We were very pleased with the result:

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  1. its amazing what a bunch of chemicals can do!