Monday, November 30, 2009


It was a double holiday this last week, so we had an unusually long opportunity to take advantage of the local awesomeness. Among our adventures, I spent a bit of time as an outboard motor.

Once they had their fun with boating, Star and I invented a game where we both go underwater and she points to something she wants me to retrieve. She's been working on what she calls her "trash sculpture" for a while now, and this was a great opportunity to get some unique content.

Yes, I am aware that we were basically playing fetch, and I was not cast in the role of the human. Welcome to parenthood.

After everyone else had retired to their towels, I did a bit of phobia bashing. It was moderately successful, but not as far as I might have liked. My swimming line was a bit angled, but with waves and such I think I have more of an excuse.


  1. I want to see her trash sculpture! Also when Dandilion was in St. Louis we played and awsome game of fetch- I would throw a bottle of water out and she would bring it back to me :)

  2. The little boat reminds me of the one you had so much fun with in South Haven. I was wondering what kind of critters you might run up against in the Mediterranean Sea and discovered (thanks to Google) that during July and August "around the underwater bank situated not even two kilometres from the sea shore of Beirut, the third largest shark species of the Mediterranean waters, the Small-teeth Sand Tiger Sharks (Odontaspis ferox) gather." Hopefully December is the off season.

  3. i could only glance at the picture once before i had to pick my feet up off the floor. it totally creeps me out.

  4. dont google sand tiger sharks...just don't...okay?

    about swimming straight, being right handed you are most likely going off to the left, are you? now all you have to do is find a contermeassure like ,oulling less hard with the right hand on every 3rd stroke and you'llb e fine ;)

  5. Delightful. No self respecting shark would touch you. You are too tough and you do not have enough fat for good flavor. Swim away.
    Grandpa Dan