Monday, November 16, 2009

I bet I know what you weren't doing

Amidst all the fun and successful errand running this weekend. I had an experience that I hope is quite unique among my readers. At my (unwise) behest, we took the girls to see a new movie called Winx. I had reached entirely inaccurate conclusions from the previews. Instead of being reasonably empowering, light-hearted fare it was one tortuous ordeal of cliched brainwashing. I would like to think none of my friends spent their weekeds watching a movie of CGI fairies and their boyfriends graduating from magic school.

On the other hand, as I write up this post, I am struck by how this might actually be the 4 year old's version of the upcoming James Cameron Avatar movie....


  1. I sure am out of the mainstream on this one. It actually sounds interesting but I really do not have a clue what the comparison is all about. Maybe I need to access some of the TIVO database. At least you were with famiy.
    Grandpa Dan

  2. But was it better than transformers ? ;) Scott and I saw "the box" and 2012-HORRIBLE, we are missing our movie buddies =( Glad everything is going well!!

  3. I had no idea what you were talking about so I googled it...turns out one of the characters is named Stella. Otherwise...HOW oh HOW could you have thought something animated in that style wouldn't be drivle! Was it at least a short movie? Last night Jason wanted to rent G.I. Joe from Redbox and I told him I had heard it was pretty bad..."it only costs a dollar"..."and two hours of my life". :)