Monday, April 12, 2010

Healthcare Strategy

Yes, I have been remiss in my posting, but I wish to convince you  I have a good reason (which I really don't). About a week and a half ago, I started with some congestion and went downhill from there.  On Saturday morning I had a fever and pretty was pretty well leveled.  I was out for the count for the next 36 hours and count eat at all.  My fever reduced on Monday morning, so I figured I would go in to work. 

Since we have a company doctor/health center I made and appointment.  Now, I must say, one observation I have had on Middle-Eastern health care is that there tends to be more of an interventionist approach.  Broadly speaking, they tend to go heavy on the meds.  She sent me home directly, with orders to stay home tomorrow too (apparently my fever was higher than I felt like it was).  Behold my meds:

I don't think I've ever been presented with this much medication in my life.  Perhaps this is a sign of getting old...


  1. Sorry to hear that Matthew, get well soon! But what on earth are all these meds for?? You're competing with my friend who's recovering from meningitis there!

  2. Are you really going to take all that?! Sounds like you are already on the road to recovery and over the worst of it. Maybe she just had a surplus. Rest up, drink clear fluids the best medicine of all, with few side effects.

  3. Oh, and I too am sorry you have been suffering. We missed you on Sunday

  4. In Russia the babushkas give you some really horrible herbal juice when you get sick, I'm not sure what's worse! I hope you are feeling better!