Monday, June 21, 2010

It hurt

In preparation for running a 5 mile race up the side of Grandfather Mountain (the Bear), I have been trying to include more running in my exercise.  Unfortunately, nearly everything about my present location is different than the Bear.  Not really any hills, the elevation is totally different, etc.  Normally, I run about 3 miles.  Today, I decided to go for 5 and see what happened.  Finding 5 miles that can be safely run in Beirut is a bit of a challenge, so I did laps on my usual circuit (hence the big spikes when I was turning around).

Clearly, I slowed down at the 3 mile mark, but I was able to keep a decent average pace.  I only have about 3 weeks left, so I think I should focus on intervals in the meantime.  I'm guessing that my pace is probably good enough here.  If I can do this under these conditions, I can probably do 8-10 min pace under the race day conditions. 

What do those of you who know more about running think?

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