Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Schizo updates

Again, another mashedup post, rattled off days after the events.  You're welcome.

First, as it required, the incredibly trite stuff:  My new fitness routine has been producing decent results.  I've lost middle fat, while retaining my previous strength levels, so hooray.  My approach consists of alternating days of weights and interval training, with practice sessions for my micro-triathlon thrown in.  I need to learn to pace myself on the swim.

Second,  I had episode one of 'the talk' with the girls.  Supplemented by the very helpful book It's Amazing.  Thanks to the activity box precedent, this was extreemly easy to pull off.  The kiddos were used to the idea of hanging out with Dad to learn cool new stuff, so it wasn't much of a stretch.  There was none of the stereotypical freaked-outishness that tradition calls for.  I believe it was a success.  As as side point, I find the book to be a little text heavy for the age, but still give it 5 stars.

Third, we had to cancel our weekend excursion plans because of recent events, which was simultaneously very natural and super weird.  The dialog went something like this:
Me:  Sorry kids, we can't go to Tyre because there was a bomb in Sidon so we have to stay home.

#1:  Well, why is that a problem, can't we just go around?

Me:  Not really, we would have to go through Sidon to get to Tyre.  We can still do fun things though, like go to the beach.

#2:  Did someone drop the bomb out of a plane?

Me:  No, they built it on the ground and then blew it up there.

#2:  Oh, that's interesting.
On the one hand, this is waaaay easier to deal with than the bombs of 2005 or the war of 2006 (which #1 does not really remember being close to).  Still, I half of me finds it totally normal to be changing my weekend plans because of bombs, and part of me still finds that very foreign.

In the end, we compromised by going to a beach that was half-way to Sidon and had a wonderful time.

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