Saturday, February 13, 2010

Product Endorsement

I have come to really enjoy reading this story with my girls.  The art is fantastic, the story is engaging and they are still making ongoing episodes.  I particularly value this series because the heroine represents an effective balance between independence and teamwork.  She breaks out of stereotypes without entering into new extremes of gender roles.  Some aspects are a bit advanced for young kids, but those can be dealt with easily enough (the Ferretina segment was skipped (My wife and I found it was funny though)).  My oldest daughter (6) really enjoys reading the part of Agatha as we go through the comic, which has been highly motivational for continuing her reading development.  Plus, its steam punk, so what's not to love?

We have enjoyed them so much that I bought the whole set in PDF format.

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  1. Cool, let me know when they make the "boy genius" version:)