Thursday, October 14, 2010


In recognition of the fact that I have not posted for far too long, I shall follow grand blogging tradition by posting too much information, in the form of a letter to my wife:

Dear Wife,

Now that we have finished moving to a new house, there are two small, scampering secrets I should tell you.  First, about three months ago, I found your most hated bug of all time, the silverfish, in our apartment.  It was hiding behind my cello case.  Fortunately, I was able to kill it, hide the destructo-bugsmears and dispose of the evidence without you finding out about this hated intruder.  Watching Dexter has its benefits.

Second, about a month ago, while taking a shower, I was joined by a cockroach about two inches long.  This is one of the larger roaches I have seen.  You were already asleep at the time, so my options were limited, and I didn't have access to the supplies at the time to properly kill and dispose of it.  I trapped it in the bathroom trashcan with the lid securely fastened and took the trashcan outside.  As soon as I set the can down, the roach ran out.  I have no idea how that happened, but it got out (not in our house).  I did check the trashcan to make sure this wasn't a second, decoy, hitchiker roach.  It wasn't.  It was the same individual, can-pass-through-solids roach from the bathroom.  I think it is now living at our former neighbors apartment.

As you would find the discover and dispatch of these bugs highly unpleasant, I thought it best to keep it under wraps at the time.  I only tell you this now, because we have moved out of that apartment, and the bug risk is much lower. 

Therefore, I present you with a choice.  Do you prefer me to continue to stealth-strike bugs you would not like, or do you want me to tell you when I dispatch interlopers?




  1. Funny. We have some house centipedes (google them, the images alone make my skin crawl) and for some reason they only like to show themselves when I'm not in the room. Joe makes them disappear for me. Much preferred.

  2. In San Diego we had cockroaches, and I was paranoid about spraying because of Wesley being so little (and all over the floor etc)...that is perhaps the one thing I don't miss about San Diego:)