Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Given the logistical challenges around here, I need to get Christmas well in hand significantly before December, or things don't go well at all.  At this point, I think there is a moderately good chance that things will go well, even though there are a few stubborn items that are requiring some difficult arrangements.

I've noticed that my kids really enjoy toys that help them act out extemporaneous adventures and role-plays.  Also, this year, my kids have really been enjoying the wide range of movies available from Hayao Miyazaki .  Therefore, the answer is clear:  Merchandizing!

Since the theme is obscure and foreign (BTW, the observant will notice a Totoro in the background of Toy Story 3 (at the nice little girl's house)), I am free to get on the merchandise wave while still feeling smug and superior to all those other parents who buy Dora, Disney and Barbie.  They just don't take parenting as seriously as I do, obviously.

Fortunately, I can point and click my way to successful parenting.  The mission is the fairly cuddly fox-squirrel from Castel in the Sky, and Nausicaa:

Through the power of ebay, I am presented with the following two options:

I think I'll take the one on the left...  Who knew good parenting could be so cheap?  Of course, it will be shipped from China to Washington, and then DHL-ed to Lebanon, so this stuffed animal will have the carbon footprint of a medium-sized hippo.


  1. We love Ponyo! We also liked Kiki's Delivery Service, but we haven't had a chance to watch some of the others. Of course, spending quality time with our kids is the best, regardless of the brand of the toys. But, we know you need the ego boost! ;)

  2. Good for you getting organized early. We'll have to check out those movies. Were the shipping charges for the lil stuffed guy outrageous?