Wednesday, May 18, 2011

About 2 days in my head

I really thought there had only been a couple of days since my last posting, but the date stamps claim it has been a week.  I better get cracking or I will loose whatever momentum I have.

This week we found out that it will be very unlikely that I will be able to see my parents at all during our trip to the US this summer.  I'm not really looking forward to letting them know that, but it is the reality.  I am fairly confident they don't read this blog very frequently so I should have a few more days before the news hits.

As far as the kids go, I've been excercising fatherly duty #47 and brining home lots of new movies for them to watch.  Turns out Daughter #1 loves the Final Fantasy series, which even I thought would be too much for her.  I must say though, the motorcycle usage is really making me reach for my credit card.  As a side point, I am gaining a great appreciation for Japanese film tropes such as: Gaya, demon germ particles, super beings who start out good and then fall, etc. etc.  The artistry is quite stunning though.

Just this morning, Daughter #2, in her not quite well pronounced English mized with Lebanese inflection came up to me and said:

I really like how Hayao Miyazaki draws men's hair.  He does a really good job with that.

Naturally, I responded.  That's true but I like Sephiroth's hair too.
She then countered with someone else, but I missed who she preferred because we were behind schedule and the little weasel still hadn't put on her socks.

On a completely different topic, if my stakeholder caves on the 'having of the third child' issue, and it is a boy, I will push for serious consideration of the name Sephiroth.  If he doesn't like it, he can shorten it to Seth.  It is probably a good thing she doesn't know this, as it would not enhance my initial bargaining position.

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  1. Yeah, you will hear some "nashing of teeth" once they hear about your plans...But since I won't get to see you either I don't really care about them:(