Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Up to Speed

Blogger made me log in to my dashboard before posting a comment on another site, which presented me with the official date of my last post – two months ago. That is rather jarring but not wholly incredible. Much has happened since then, so I will attempt a wrap-up post in hopes that it might get my blog fires going again.

First, cello has been a bit rocky. I persuaded my teacher that I was ready for the Thais Meditation by Massenet, for which, shockingly, I was not actually ready. Who would have thought? After a month of denial, I am now working much more successfully on a different piece. My teacher keeps claiming that I keep ‘cutting’ the notes. He was somewhat amused when I told him it was his fault for not assigning me something from the Baroque period. Teachers love these little humorous moments (or so I am told).

Second, the kids have been doing well, although they have been up to their ears in vacation days lately. They don’t get any more for the next two months, so I suppose it all balances out eventually. They have been really enjoying their horseback riding lessons. Until last week that is. Daughter #2’s Shetland pony tried to buck her off and ended up kicking Daughter #1’s horse in the neck. No good came of this for anyone. Pause for a moment to ask yourself if you have ever seen a Shetland pony buck. I didn’t know if was mechanically possible. Turns out that it is.

Third, I have sort of become a gym rat. For various reasons, I am somewhat emerging from an intensive 10 week gym program, which was facilitated by MA (thanks honey). It was quite intense, and very time consuming (possibly impacting my Massenet situation) but generally successful. While my routine is technically over, I seem to have settled into a much higher level of gymliness than was my previous baseline.

Also, as a side-point, MA has become rather blog famous. She has had several people (strangers) recognizer as ‘that blogger’. One of which told her that she was famous, so that must make it true. Anyway, her blog is awesome and updated daily.

Finally, there is a new dance teacher at the local studio, so I am going to try and get MA interested in re-enrolling. She is still put off by the appalling narcissist we had last time.


  1. If only there were some way I could find MA's blog...like if someone linked to it...or failing that, sent me an email with the address...

  2. For various reasons, it is better not to do a link, but I'll send it to you via email.

  3. Good to get an update from you:), good to have a moment to be able to read others' blogs... Wesley is loving the books you so generously sent him. I have to make him turn off the lights on school nights-sometimes I think he would stay up all night reading if we would let him. The day I took him home from school early because it was field day and the kids were doing all sorts of really dangerous(for him)activities, I cried on the way home. I felt sorry for him, not just because he was missing one day of activities, but because he had missed out on a whole lot more over the last weeks and didn't fully understand/believe that his reduced activity was really necessary. So...your books had just arrived (i believe the day before)and having them there made the blow so much easier. Thanks for your kindness and for being inspired!